​​Kristina McCabe is a German artist and illustrator best known for her large size, colourful oil paintings and humorous animal-themed subjects.

Born in Bielefeld, Germany and now living at the East Coast of Ireland, Kristina's  unique works are shaped by her travels and her fascination in the creation of the world.

Based in Ireland since 2002 the driving creative forces behind Kristina's work are the dramatic windswept Irish landscape and the mystical folklore that is deeply rooted in these ancient lands.

With gallery shows in Ireland and Germany, Kristina is currently working on a new series of paintings and a long-overdue children's book.

Kristina shows a a brilliant understanding and flair for capturing her surroundings and transforming them into a colourful feast. Her mainly large scale oils on canvas show a mastery of colour, applied in generous brush strokes with a strong sense of movement - giving the impression that her paintings are alive.